In the Initial Public Offerings business Eidos Partners acts as company adviser providing completely independent advice without any conflicts of interest in order to:
  • free up time for company management by assisting the client in the preparation of the required documentation
  • support company shareholders during the most delicate phases of the process, such as the selection of the banks and other consultants involved, the definition and negotiation of various mandates and, above all, the setting of the share price.

The business model developed by Eidos Partners offers comprehensive assistance to companies and management even before the public offering process begins, helping and supporting them during the various phases such as:
  • identification of the most appropriate stock exchange
  • identification of the most appropriate offering structure
  • selection of the global coordinators
  • identification and selection of the various counterparties and consultants to involve in the transaction
  • definition of the equity story
  • preparation of the necessary documentation for the listing process
  • managing working relationships with the competent authorities
  • negotiation of the IPO price
  • supporting management during roadshow

Eidos Partners srl is a “Partner Equity Markets” of the Italian Stock Exchange having been judged to reach the highest international standards, collaborating with the Italian Stock Exchange to support and help develop Italian mid size companies in every phase of their lifecycle.